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lets work together!

lets work together!

Discover authentic British baked goods at The Great British Shop! Offering a wholesale range of British bakery classics, including meat pies, sausage rolls, and scones, perfect for restaurants, markets, and grocery stores. Elevate your menu with the unique flavours of Britain. Contact us today for premium bakery wholesale options from packaged baked products ideal for retail to frozen unbaked goods, perfect for restaurants!

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Wholesale British Baked Goods

The Great British Shop is proud to offer a wide range of authentic British-style baked goods for wholesale. Our products are perfect for:

  • Restaurants: Enhance your menu with classic British treats.
  • Farm Shops: Delight your customers with unique, high-quality baked goods.
  • Independent Grocers: Offer a taste of Britain in your local store.

Why Choose Us?

  • Authentic Recipes: Our baked goods are made using traditional British recipes, ensuring an authentic taste that will transport your customers straight to the UK.
  • Convenient and Waste-Free: Our products are sold frozen and unbaked, allowing you to bake off only what you need, reducing waste and ensuring fresh, delicious goods every time.
  • Wide Appeal: While beloved by British expats, our products are enjoyed by a diverse audience, making them a great addition to any business.

Our Most Popular Products Include:

  • Traditional Scones
  • Pork Sausage Rolls
  • Steak Pies

Get Started Today!

Ready to bring a taste of Britain to your business? Contact us with the form above!


We use the highest quality ingredients available to us, sourcing locally where possible. Quality is of utmost importance to us.


The meat in our baked goods is locally sourced and free run. We are proud of this choice, but not only is it ethically right, the quality of the meat is superior.


Authenticity is what sets us apart. With decades of experience in British baking, we are not immitating British style baked goods, we are producing thenm.


Wholesale is in our DNA. With more than two decades of industry experience, we can assist, help and scale your existing business.