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Terry's Chocolate Mint! - The Great British Shop

Terry's Chocolate Mint!

Are you ready to embark on a taste sensation like no other? Say hello to the tantalizing Terry's Chocolate Mint - the newest addition to the Terry's Chocolate Orange family. Bursting with rich British heritage and flavour, this minty marvel is now available at, ready to be shipped straight to your door anywhere in Canada.

Terry's Chocolate Mint: A Taste to Remember

Terry's Chocolate Mint is a mouthwatering blend of smooth, velvety chocolate infused with the refreshing essence of mint. Each bite is an exquisite symphony of creamy cocoa and cool, invigorating mint, creating a flavour profile that's both indulgent and revitalizing.

Imagine savouring a piece of this minty masterpiece, allowing the rich chocolate to melt on your tongue while the minty freshness tingles your taste buds. It's an experience that transports you to a world of pure chocolatey bliss with a hint of invigorating mint, making it the perfect treat for any occasion.

A Short History of Terry's Chocolate Orange

Before we dive deeper into the minty goodness of Terry's Chocolate Mint, let's take a quick trip down memory lane to explore the origins of this iconic brand.

Terry's Chocolate Orange, the forebear of Terry's Chocolate Mint, has been a beloved British classic since its creation in York, England, way back in 1932. It's known for its unique spherical shape, resembling a segmented orange. When you unwrap it, the chocolate orange falls into individual segments, making it a fun and interactive treat to share with friends and family.

Over the years, Terry's Chocolate Orange has evolved and expanded its range, introducing exciting new flavours like Terry's Chocolate Mint. It has remained a symbol of quality, tradition, and innovation in the world of British confectionery.

Terry's Chocolate Orange is not only known for its delectable flavours but also for its unforgettable advertising campaigns. One of the most iconic moments in Terry's Chocolate Orange advertising history featured the beloved British actress and comedian, Dawn French. Her witty humour and charming personality brought a touch of comedic brilliance to the brand's commercials, making her a memorable figure in the world of chocolate advertising.

Perhaps one of the most famous catchphrases associated with Terry's Chocolate Orange is "Don't tap it, whack it!" This quirky slogan became synonymous with the brand and was featured prominently in their commercials. The idea was simple – instead of gently unwrapping the chocolate, you were encouraged to give it a firm whack on a hard surface to break it into its signature segments. This playful and unconventional approach not only added an element of fun to enjoying the chocolate but also became a part of British pop culture. Thanks to Dawn French's comedic timing, these adverts left a lasting impression on viewers and further solidified Terry's Chocolate Orange as a beloved British classic.

The Great British Shop: Your One-Stop British Food Haven

Now that you're craving a taste of Terry's Chocolate Mint, it's time to head over to, your ultimate destination for authentic British food and goodies in Canada. At this online British shop, you'll find an extensive selection of British delights, including Terry's Chocolate Mint and a wide range of other British chocolate treats.

What sets apart is its commitment to delivering British goodness to every corner of Canada. With their reliable shipping service, you can enjoy the taste of Britain no matter where you reside in the Great White North.

Explore More at The Great British Shop

But that's not all The Great British Shop has to offer. Located in Halifax, The Great British Shop is an award-winning British store that goes beyond confectionery. They bake fresh British-style goods seven days a week, from delectable scones to savoury meat pies. Craving British-style meats like Black Pudding or Haggis? Look no further – they've got you covered.

And if you're on the hunt for imported British groceries, The Great British Shop boasts one of Canada's largest selections. From classic tea blends to biscuits, crisps, and condiments, you'll find everything you need to recreate the authentic flavours of Britain right in your own kitchen.

In conclusion, Terry's Chocolate Mint is the delightful new addition to the Terry's Chocolate Orange family, boasting a unique blend of rich chocolate and invigorating mint. You can find this delectable treat at, your go-to online British shop that ships across Canada. And don't forget to explore their physical location, an award-winning British store that offers freshly baked goods, British-style meats, and an extensive range of imported British groceries. It's a taste of Britain right at your doorstep.

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